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Providing care in a therapeutic learning community.

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Our Mission

To provide a home that supports our residents’ efforts to maximize their physical, cognitive, social and emotional abilities so that they can attain their highest level of independence in an environment where people are treated with dignity and respect.

People with disabilities and their families count on Hillside House to provide quality care, independence and integration within our community. Hillside House strives to advance the human potential of each resident and promote equality by fostering abilities and creating community. For our 59 residents, Hillside House is home.

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Everyone deserves a helping hand and a good home. The exceptional people who call Hillside House home need a caring community to survive. 365 days a year and 24 hours each day, Hillside House provides them what they need to follow their passions, discover their abilities and express themselves freely. And they help us, by creating an extraordinary environment of love and appreciation.
Our Community Plan is in the works to provide new, state-of-the-art facilities that will establish an integrated living environment to meet the needs of both Hillside House residents and the greater Santa Barbara community. Our staff, Board members, and team of professionals are working on a plan that allows Hillside House to provide its residents with the highest in quality of life services for generations to come.
"Whatever their gifts or their limitations, people are all bound together in a common humanity." -Jean Vanier

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