TomThank you, Project 6 Volunteers!

On Saturday, June 25th the local company, Medtronic gathered over 50 of its employees to host their annual “Project 6” volunteer day at Hillside House.

From scrubbing down windows and vans to hosting a carnival enticed with games and prizes, these wonderful volunteers gave Hillside House a weekend to remember. Residents roamed around the backyard from station to station, playing ring toss, mystery fishing, bowling, posing at the photobooth, and so much more. Amidst all the fun, new artwork by residents was hung in the hallways, windows were squeegeed clean, and vans were washed and vacuumed to perfection. Hillside House is tremendously grateful for everything this group offered and accomplished on that sunny, Saturday morning. Thank you, Medtronic –we hope to work with you again, soon!

Medtronic’s mission is to contribute to human welfare by application of biomedical engineering in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of instruments or appliances that alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life.

Erica with her mom.

Erica with her mom.

Welcome, Erica!

In March 2016, Hillside House opened its doors to a lovely, new resident -Erica! She is a fun, charismatic, and hard-working young woman who remains very active in her new abode. Erica is eager to learn and enjoys reading and being read to. She likes exercising with her Gait trainer, which is a device that allows her to walk. Not to mention, Erica is absolutely nuts about swimming! We are incredibly excited to see how much she will flourish with the love and support at Hillside House.

70 Years of Appreciation

Hillside House celebrated its 70 years of service, giving thanks to all those who support its vision of fostering abilities and creating community.

Staff: Melissa Bennett, Gail Metzger, Angela Biancone, and Nikki Ramirez

In appreciation for the many donors who have supported Hillside House and the lives of its residents, and in celebration of its 70 years of longevity, Hillside House hosted a sunset cruise aboard the Santa Barbara Channel Cat, graciously donated by Charlie Munger and his crew. Board members, family, friends and staff all joined for this joyous occasion in light of everything Hillside House has accomplished over the many years and where it is headed. A very special note of thanks went to The Assistance League, a stalwart supporter of Hillside House since 1948.  Hillside House was the first program it supported and is still in its top ranks with nearly $1.4 million raised throughout the 67 years of partnership.

Longtime donor and Board member Silvio DiLoreto was feted with a cake to celebrate his 90th birthday and was given an original piece of art from the residents. Curt Lauber, who was Development Director for 13 years, received a lovely painting also done by the residents and presented by Nikki Ramirez, our current Director of Development.

Hillside House hopes to show its donors how grateful it is for their support by hosting an appreciation event annually. As Hillside House ventures into the next 70 years to help our ever-adapting mission to give the best quality of care that our residents deserve, we depend on the support from our community. Please visit our Donate page to show your support, or contact Nikki Ramirez at (805)687-0788 x115 or nramirez@hillsidehousesb.org.