Viva La Fiesta @ Hillside House

Linda Vega, of Linda Vega Dance Studio, brought her ensemble of young fiesta dancers to Hillside House Monday, July 23. The performance was an explosion of music, dance, color, and culture, as the girls stomped, clapped, and twirled their way through ten songs. Though the residents watched quietly, most of them were smiling, some were moving in their chairs to the beat, and few were coaxed onto their feet to dance a few steps. We are always thrilled when Linda comes by with her troupe of dancers to cheer and uplift our wonderful residents.

Welcome, Laura!

Laura is our newest resident!

We welcomed Laura to Hillside House last Wednesday. Laura moved here from another facility in the area, and we are lucky she choose us. She has a great sense of humor, loves music–especially Michael Jackson albums–and singing. We are just waiting for the day when she and Carlos realize they are both Michael Jackson fans. The place is going to rock.

Laura is gradually settling in, learning the names of all the other residents, and our large staff of care providers. She is looking forward to having a day program to go do, and we hope we can find her one soon. In the meantime, her great attitude and ability to communicate are a big help as we get to know her and all the ways she hopes to grow and learn.


70 Years of Appreciation

Hillside House celebrated its 70 years of service, giving thanks to all those who support its vision of fostering abilities and creating community.

Staff: Melissa Bennett, Gail Metzger, Angela Biancone, and Nikki Ramirez

In appreciation for the many donors who have supported Hillside House and the lives of its residents, and in celebration of its 70 years of longevity, Hillside House hosted a sunset cruise aboard the Santa Barbara Channel Cat, graciously donated by Charlie Munger and his crew. Board members, family, friends and staff all joined for this joyous occasion in light of everything Hillside House has accomplished over the many years and where it is headed. A very special note of thanks went to The Assistance League, a stalwart supporter of Hillside House since 1948.  Hillside House was the first program it supported and is still in its top ranks with nearly $1.4 million raised throughout the 67 years of partnership.

Longtime donor and Board member Silvio DiLoreto was feted with a cake to celebrate his 90th birthday and was given an original piece of art from the residents. Curt Lauber, who was Development Director for 13 years, received a lovely painting also done by the residents and presented by Nikki Ramirez, our current Director of Development.

Hillside House hopes to show its donors how grateful it is for their support by hosting an appreciation event annually. As Hillside House ventures into the next 70 years to help our ever-adapting mission to give the best quality of care that our residents deserve, we depend on the support from our community. Please visit our Donate page to show your support, or contact Nikki Ramirez at (805)687-0788 x115 or nramirez@hillsidehousesb.org.