Our Stories

Every human life is valuable. Every human being deserves to live a good life; each one has unique gifts to offer. We all need support to live, and some of us need a little extra.


SueAnne“Can I have that can when you are finished?”  This is SueAnne’s business pitch for the recycling job she established for herself to earn some extra cash. SueAnne’s drive to create funds for herself reveal the great tenacity and creativity she possesses.  More over, it proves what all of the residents at Hillside House can accomplish.  Sueanne is as capable as anyone.  When life throws her a curve ball, she hits it out of the park.



BarbaraBarbara has lived at Hillside House the longest of all our residents, moving here when she was just 11 years old! She is always in the know of what’s going on , between the every day lives of the other residents and all the exciting events that happen. Barbara is a big lover of music, currently taking piano lessons at her day program. During the 60 years she has been living at Hillside House, Barbara has grown to be a dear attribute to the heart of this place.



hillside_web-15Carlos is our new friend from across the big pond –a proper English gentleman! His family is keen on community integration and is quite pleased by the amount Hillside House is able to provide! Carlos is taken out every week to different places around town, participates in Special Olympics, and goes sailing to an array of Santa Barbara events.  His calendar is full, just like his life.



JP  recently moved into Hillside House from a smaller home in Santa Maria. He and his family are happy to be back together in Santa Barbara once again. JP has quickly become friends with many of the residents, being active in nearly everything Hillside House has to offer, especially shooting hoops in the backyard! One of the most amazing growths we’ve seen is JP’s ability to communicate using ProLoQuo on his I-pad. Imagine his potential to live, learn and grow now that he has a way to share all the things he cares to say!


SophieOver the years, Sophie has worked on her independence by walking, biking and swimming in aquatic therapy to strengthen her legs with staff assistance.  Well, assistance no more!  Sophie can walk across the entire room, avoiding all obstacles with ease.  At one point in time, she would stay seated on the couch to avoid the walking. These days, we put on Madonna and, before you know it, Sophie has safely made it across the room to where the music is playing.  Sophie’s independence is a direct result of her will power and staff encouragement.


Nancy and Mona.

Nancy (left) and Mona (right).

Mona joined the Hillside House family just recently in the summer of 2015, after realizing she needed more help taking care of her medical needs. Because she is now receiving the expert, full-time care she needs, Mona’s health is improved and she is able to live more freely and independently than before. Not to mention, she has a whole new group of friends! Mona says, “I really like the classes and the people here. I’m still getting out on may own but I’ve made new friends because I get along with everyone here.”