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Director of Operations Gail Metzgerhas worked at Hillside House for 20 years. She holds a BA degree in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.
Director of Operations Gail Metzgerhas worked at Hillside House for 20 years. She holds a BA degree in Speech and Language Pathology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

The Hillside House Client Services Department works as a trained and committed interdisciplinary team. This team is made up of a case manager, physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapists, nurse, doctor, dietician, regional center service coordinator, and of course the client’s family.

Each resident is assessed to determine their strengths and needs. Then the team gets to work to develop their individualized program plan. These plans can include goals related to medical, social, sensory-motor, behavior and recreation needs. Our program is based on a continuous active treatment model, in which every aspect of a resident’s daily life is viewed as an opportunity to learn. We work with each person to develop their highest level of independent functioning—while having fun!

Each resident also participates in an individualized physical exercise program designed by our physical therapist. Trained Physical Activity Assistants work with our residents on improving/maintaining range of motion, ambulation, and strength in our specially designed physical therapy room. This room contains a variety of adaptive equipment including parallel bars, standers, walkers and even a three-wheeled bike for outdoor rides.

The activity room at Hillside House is always a busy place. It includes a computer lab, a large library of books on tape, a big screen TV and other adaptive equipment. A lot of fun happens here on a daily basis! We listen to current events, create art, exercise to wheelchair aerobic tapes, sing karaoke and cook using our adaptive kitchen equipment. Our Self-Advocacy and Resident Council groups meet here on a monthly basis.

Outside we have wheelchair-accessible paths around the grounds. Our residents are able to play shuffleboard, basketball, ride the adaptive bike, garden in our raised beds or just relax in our beautiful back yard.

Client Services

Our residents are active in the community. They attend schools and day programs, community integration programs, and engage in supported employment and community access programs. Public transportation stops at our front door, allowing our residents access to all of Santa Barbara. They can also arrange rides with Easy Lift, a private transportation company. Our residents attend local religious services, enjoy musical performances, movies and the many activities our community has to offer.

Every activity that is offered at Hillside House is designed to develop the skills and confidence that will help our residents work toward their highest level of independence, reach their goals and pursue their interests.

To speak with our Director of Operations, please call Gail Metzger at (805) 687-0788 ext. 117 or click here: [email protected]

Some of our weekly activities include:

Monday-Friday: Happy Hour & Current Events 2:30 - 5 pm, Computer Lab

Mondays: Reading Group, Monday Night Football, Karaoke Night, Sensory Stimulation

Tuesdays: Art Class with Brandon, Personal Appearance

Wednesdays: Women's Group, Cooking Class

Thursdays: Games, Poker Night

Fridays: Movie Night, Evening Outings

Saturdays: Outdoor and indoor exercise groups, sensory stimulation, aquatic therapy, games, gardening, wheelchair mobility, Karaoke

Sundays: Group games, arts & crafts, sensory stimulation, music, Men's Group, aquatic therapy, and more!

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