Careers at Hillside House

Hillside House is always seeking compassionate and skilled staff who would like to be part of our team. We offer a positive, supportive, flexible environment, in which employees are carefully trained and encouraged to grow. The family feeling of Hillside House, our dedicated staff, and our remarkable residents combine to make Hillside House a unique and rewarding place to work. This is reflected in the fact that so many of our staff choose to stay with us year after year. As of March, 2008, the average length of employment of a Hillside House staff member was 7.5 years!

Making Differences


Working at Hillside House is a rewarding experience. The residents of Hillside House are an extraordinary group of people who work each day to overcome obstacles and realize their dreams. They are some of the most loving, inspiring, and appreciative people you will ever meet. Each day you have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of these people. You are not only a caregiver, you are part of the Hillside House tradition of helping other people to lead their fullest-possible lives. In the process, our employees often tell us of how their own lives are enriched in so many ways. 

Positive Environment

Our staff is a family that works together to support the residents and one another. Our goal is to foster the greatest possible independence and expression in our residents’ lives. We cultivate an environment that is caring, flexible and enjoyable to work in.

“I came to work for a couple of hours part-time and then I ended up staying because of the residents. The more I was here the more I liked being here. The staff is great! Everyone is so committed to making these people’s lives work. It is so fulfilling to be a part of helping the residents build enough confidence to gain independence in their lives.”

–Gail Metzger, Director of Operations, 20 years

“I love the family atmosphere! Over the years I have enjoyed developing relationships with these unique and wonderful people and their families. I am inspired by the residents and their perseverance despite all of the challenges that they face.”

–Susan Bradford, Recreational Therapist, 25 years

The Learning Process

We provide ongoing training and continuing education to support our employees’ professional growth. We offer an opportunity to use your potential and to work with a wonderful group of people who truly appreciate what you do for them.

We also offer flexible scheduling with morning, afternoon and overnight shifts.

We are currently accepting applications for employment in our Nursing and Client Services departments. See below.


Hillside House Nurses and Certified Nurse Assistants are the heart of our treatment team and a vitally important part of each client’s life. Our residents have developmental disabilities and require a broad range of assistance. We are here to help them in the morning when they wake up and we are here in the evening when they fall asleep. We become facilitators for their lives, and we build close relationships with each one.

Our nursing department is responsible for medical assessments, distributing medication, handling medical emergencies, writing monthly medical summaries, managing wound treatment and conducting gastrostomy feeding. But at Hillside House, we provide much more than the normal range of nursing functions. We are creatively engaged in the process of helping each resident become more independent and live more fully. 

Each resident has an individualized plan designed by their treatment team to enable them to live the fullest life possible. We work closely with QMRP’s (case managers) and consultants to ensure the success of each person’s plan. We also work with family members, doctors, and staff from schools and day programs to guarantee our residents’ plans are followed and they are given every opportunity to develop the skills that further their independence. 

Working at Hillside House is a unique and satisfying opportunity. Many of our staff have been here for years and watched residents grow and develop full lives. We have the ability to see first-hand how our passion for nursing and kindness towards our residents positively affects their lives and contributes to their success. 

If you would like to learn more about becoming a part of our Hillside House Nursing Team, please contact our Director of Nursing, Theresa Bennett: 

[email protected] or (805) 687-0788, ext. 120.

Positions Offered:

Certified Nurse Assistant


You must have a current, active Certified Nurse Assistant certification, issued by the State of California Department of Public Health. To learn more about how to get a CNA license, Click Here.

Physical Activities Assistant

This is an entry-level position for people who love people. Our Physical Activities Assistants work one-on-one with our residents to carry out individual exercise plans designed by our physical therapist. Physical Activities Assistants help residents with range of motion, strengthening, relaxation, ambulation and balance exercises. This position is weekend and evening only, when the majority of our residents are home from their day programs and community activities.

Skills Development Specialist

As a Skills Development Specialist, you will support our residents in learning basic living skills and working to achieve their highest level of independent functioning. Skills Development Specialists work with residents in individual and group settings, teaching a variety of independent living skills, social skills and leisure skills. One year of experience or training working with developmentally disabled individuals, and a bachelor’s degree or coursework in psychology, education or related field is preferred.

If you are interested in applying for a position at Hillside House, or if you simply want more information, please contact Gail Metzger, Director of Operations [email protected] or (805) 687-0788, ext. 117.


Volunteers are central to our work. Our volunteers offer increased social, recreation, and community activities to the people who live at Hillside House. If you are interested in volunteering at Hillside House, click here.

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