…a vibrant community of beautiful, newly-built homes, nestled into the hillside on 23 acres of rolling green land through which a sparkling creek flows. Imagine this community in Santa Barbara—beautiful sunshine, temperate weather, bordered by the sea on one side, the mountains on the other, and a wealth of cultural activity in between. Imagine a young woman in a wheelchair rolling along a pathway in this lovely setting. She waves a warm hello to a mother and two children who are playing in their front yard, who greet her affectionately in return.

Imagine a place where the current residents of Hillside House live in contemporary homes in a diverse neighborhood, made up of people of all ages, abilities and occupations, a community which allows all of its residents to benefit from vital interchange between people of varied backgrounds. Imagine the increased freedom and stimulation for the developmentally disabled residents, who can live together in small homes, which are tailored to their individual needs—a setting in which each resident is encouraged to live as independently as possible, while still benefiting from round-the-clock nursing care and an individualized treatment program that is designed to help each person develop his or her fullest potential and live the happiest life that our expert care can facilitate.


This is the vision Hillside House holds for its residents and for its future, the vision behind our Community Plan. (To read more about the Community Plan, click here.) 

We hold the vision that every person, regardless of their physical and cognitive challenges, deserves loving care, a sense of community, good health, well-being, and the opportunity to live the fullest possible life.

In order to support our residents in this vision, and to ensure that Hillside House can survive in perpetuity, we have created a plan to build a community on our land that will preserve the beauty and open space of the land, while providing a network of mixed-use homes for people with developmental disabilities and for a mixed-income neighborhood of Santa Barbara workers and families. Our vision is that all the members of the community can be enriched by this unique diversity and the natural setting that surrounds them.

But our vision does not begin or end with the Community Plan. Fundamental to providing healthy, meaningful lives for our residents, is our ongoing commitment to offer the best care, best staff, and most up-to-date facilities and equipment for our residents. To achieve all of this, we need support. We encourage you to read more about our priorities, our goals and specific needs, our events, and our ambitious Community Plan, and find the way that you can support this vision.


To discuss ways you can give to Hillside House, please contact Curt Lauber, Director of Development: [email protected], (805) 687-0788, ext. 115 or Click Here to make a donation today! Thank you!

Upcoming Events

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