Leadership Team


June 7, 2012

On June 1, I became Executive Director of Hillside House. Having served as Director of Administrative Services since 2005, I know Hillside House’s strengths and challenges, its traditions and needs.

Hillside House is at a pivotal point in its history and has an opportunity to reach new heights. I am excited about the prospect of moving Hillside House forward while preserving the many sound aspects of its current operation and traditions.

My goal is to preserve the loving community we have created at Hillside House, while creating an even more invigorating and inviting environment for our residents. I aim to work together with the staff to bring in new technologies and new understandings that help our residents to better communicate their needs and pursue their interests, while fostering an even higher level of health and well-being.

By working closely with our Leadership Team, seeking input from staff, residents and families, and researching best practices in our field, I plan to implement new initiatives each year that better the lives of our residents.

As an example, this year we are bringing in new software that coordinates all of the care of our residents, whereas formerly most of our records were still kept on paper. The new software allows for much better oversight and coordination of care across all departments: from nutrition, to the various therapies we offer, to medical care, to behavioral and social concerns, recreation and education.

I invite you to join me in this exciting work of creating rewarding lives for the exceptional people who live at Hillside House.

Craig Olson, Executive Director

Craig OlsonCraig Olson came to Hillside House in 2005 and served as Director of Administrative Services for seven years. In that role, he played a key part in Hillside House’s Leadership Team and oversaw our financial operations. He helped Hillside House recover from a severe funding crisis and establish a more secure base of financial health and future planning.

Before coming to Hillside House, Craig worked for 21 years for Devereux Foundation, a leading provider of services for people with disabilities. His broad-based experience has included leadership positions in operations management, program development and restructuring, financial management, marketing, fundraising, facilities operations, and long-range planning.

Leadership Team

At Hillside House, we are very conscious of our responsibility to maximize our financial resources to provide direct services to our residents. One outcome of this commitment is that our Leadership Team is small, hands-on and easily-reached. If you have questions or wish to contact a member of our Leadership Team, we encourage you to do so.

Leadership Team Hillside House: (805) 687-0788
Craig Olson, Executive Director [email protected] ext. 111
Gail Metzger, Director of Operations [email protected] ext. 117
Nikki Ramirez, Program Director [email protected] ext. 118
Theresa Bennett, RN, Director of Nursing [email protected] ext. 120
Curt Lauber, Director of Development [email protected] ext. 115
Michael Williams, CFO [email protected] ext. 112
Ricardo Martinez, Director of Staff Development [email protected] ext. 122
Martin Jimenez, Director of Dietary Services [email protected] ext. 124
Jose Silva, Director of Facilities [email protected]805.689.3449 (mobile)

Board Member Member Since
Jim Wolfe, Retired Businessman 

Norris Goss, Community Volunteer

(Vice President)

Donald Becker, Pharmacist 
Peter Troesch, Engineer (Treasurer) 1998
Cynthy Ardell, Community Volunteer 2012
Mark Manion, Attorney 2013
Susan Chapman, Community Volunteer 2007
Silvio DiLoreto, Retired Businessman 2007
Brad Frohling, Real Estate Executive 2007
Lynn K. Jones, DSW, Educator, Consultant 2007
Chuck Klein, Construction Project Manager 2012
Richard Monk, Attorney 1981
Pam Flynt Tambo, former Executive Director 2014
Erik Wipf, D.D.S. Dentist 2008
Jon Valois, Partner, Insurance Services 2013

Hillside House Board of Directors

The members of Hillside House’s Board of Directors collectively have given more than 150 years in service to our organization. The Board meets six times per year and each member serves on one or more of the following committees: Executive, Finance, Development, Governance and Property Development.

Letter from Jim Wolfe, Board President


Dear Friends,

When I joined the Board of Hillside House in 2003, I did not yet know what an exceptional place Hillside House is. It is only by visiting, by talking to the parents, residents and staff, by hearing the inspiring and moving stories over the years, and by seeing the level of care and compassion that is fostered, that one can truly appreciate the importance of what goes on here. After six years of service on the Board of Directors, I was honored to be elected President. The Board is committed to doing our best to help this remarkable organization carry out its mission of creating an optimum life for each of its residents, a mission we have pursued for over 65 years.

A compassionate and just society takes care of those who cannot care for themselves. At Hillside House, we do more than care for the physical needs of the residents, we foster their individual abilities, dreams and passions, so that they can achieve their highest potential.

As a Board, we have the responsibility of looking after the longevity of Hillside House. In recent years we have shepherded this organization through some tough times, establishing a more thriving and stable foundation, and we are planning for the future. Every dollar we raise for Hillside House means a higher quality of care for the residents, more life-enriching experiences, more possibilities. The gap between what we receive in public funding and what we actually spend on the well-being of our residents is currently about $1500 a day. So we work hard to form and strengthen partnerships throughout our community that help to close gap and help Hillside House to flourish.

I encourage you to visit Hillside House. I believe you will be touched by the quality of care and the enthusiasm for life of our residents, as I have been.

Jim Wolfe, President

• To arrange a visit to Hillside House: Front desk, please call (805) 687-0788

• To make a contribution: Curt Lauber, Director of Development [email protected] or call (805) 687-0788, ext. 115

• To find out about our admission process for new residents: Gail Metzger, Director of Operations [email protected] or call (805) 687-0788, ext. 117

• To volunteer at Hillside House: Nikki Ramirez, Program Director [email protected] or call (805) 687-0788, ext. 118

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