Girls Afternoon Out


Once every couple of months we take several of our female residents to town for a special At the salonGirls Afternoon Out to encourage them that they are able to try new things, broaden their horizons, use their skills and navigate the world.

This past month, Nancy, Moselle, Patty, accompanied by Nikki, went to the Paul Mitchell student salon and got their hair done. The staff at the salon were amazing and very helpful accommodating the wheelchairs.

Joanne joined the others for lunch at Pierre Lafond, where they all ordered from the menu themselves and enjoyed a wonderful meal of appetizers, sandwiches or flat-bread pizzas, cookies and banana bread pudding. Patty and Joann then stayed downtown to shop on their own and ride the bus home.

Fostering more independence, self-confidence and integration with others for our residents are important to us at Hillside House. And of course, having fun! Judging from the smiles and laughs, it seems we did a good job. This kind of staff-intensive, special programming is one of the ways donations help provide our residents with a higher quality of life. Thanks to all who contribute to make this possible. 

Residents enjoy working out at Superior Fitness


Although most of our residents use wheelchairs to assist with mobility, and they all have moderate to severe disabilities, many of them enjoy the fun, challenge and novelty of working out. Physical exercise is extra important for them to maintain mobility, flexibility, strength, health and happiness.
Now, thanks to the combined efforts of Nikki Ramirez, one of our client case managers, and Gail Metzger, Director of Client Services, and most importantly, the generosity of Alex Ramirez, Nikki's husband, Hillside House residents have been getting the chance to work out at a professional private training gym.

Alex is a trainer at Superior Fitness. Once a month, we take two or three of our residents at a time to work out with Alex at the gym. Alex puts on the music they want to hear and makes their time at the gym stimulating and lots of fun, as well as providing good exercise.

He sets up three stations for them to choose from and rotate through. Activities can include such things as using their hands and arm strength to pull on the TRX band, or developing their upper body mobility by moving ropes connected to the wall. He plays with them by tossing a ball, and sets up light weights for them to lift. They have played badminton and also had freestyle dancing, depending on their interests. At the end of each session, Alex takes them for a walk outside as well.

Even though we provide physical therapy on-site at Hillside House throughout the week, one of the great benefits of going to Superior Fitness to work out is the chance to be out with other people in the community, as well as the chance to use equipment we don't have at Hillside House. Thank you, Alex, for making this possible!

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