Our Partners

Our Partners

Our Partners
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Hillside House collaborates with a multitude of local organizations and agencies to enrich the every day lives of its residents. The majority of our 59 residents attend day programs, including public school and employment programs, to give them the level of independence and integration each person deserves. It is a community of compassion that allows the exceptional people of Hillside House to live rewarding lives each and every day.

In the state of California, people with developmental and intellectual disabilities are supported by the Department of Developmental Services, which holds the responsibility for placement, case management and monitoring of clients in residential placement to the regional centers. Clients of Hillside House are referred to by the Tri-County Regional Center, which administers the placement of individuals with disabilities within the counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. Please visit their website for more information on client services: http://www.tri-counties.org/.

Hillside House is gratefully pleased to be associated with the following organizations:


Hillside House and its partner agencies serving the population of disabled individuals works to promote equal opportunity and independence for all. Unfortunately, this has become difficult due to limited federal dollars available. The Department of Developmental Services in California has experienced devastating budget freezes for the past 13 years, making it extremely difficult for service providers to continue fostering the lives of its beneficiaries. In the past six years alone, there has been over $1 billion in budget cuts in California’s Developmental Services System.

Be a part of the solution. Our Tri-County Regional Center and other partners are coming together to advocate for improved funding and citizen rights for people with disabilities. The Lanterman Coalition, made up of the 21 major stakeholders in California’s community-based developmental service system, is gathering family, friends, and self-advocates to rally for a 10% budget increase for our system. To instigate the change you can attend a hearing at the Capitol, collaborate with local organizations and officials, or simply send your story to your legislator.  Click here to take action!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

Project Leadership provides training for family members and individuals with disabilities to advocate for a better future through service system improvements and policy. To learn more, call Alpha Resource Center of Santa Barbara at (805) 683-2145 ext. 103.

Join the action! Click this tab for helpful documents to Download and Print

Other Resources

Local Programs We Work Closely With:

  • Alpha Resource Center provides day programs:http://alphasb.org
  • Assistance League of Santa Barbara is a close neighbor of Hillside House, providing vital support through financial contributions and volunteer activities: http://www.assistanceleaguesb.org
  • Tri-Counties Regional Center contracts with the State of California to provide supports and services for children and adults with developmental disabilities living in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura County: http://www.tri-counties.org.
  • United Cerebral Palsy offers work training and other day programs: http://ucp.org

Family & Friends of Hillside House

The Family & Friends of Hillside House is a group of relatives, guardians and friends of residents who meet regularly throughout the year in support of our services and care. The group exists to: 

  • Provide moral support for families and friends of Hillside House residents
  • Conduct parties and celebrations for residents and staff
  • Host meetings to discuss current needs and activities
  • Keep an open liaison between staff and families for residents’ needs and changes

Hillside House is grateful to have the involvement of friends and family members alike in the daily concerns of our residents. The Group has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Hillside House, including support towards the Employee Holiday Fund, a wheelchair charging station, new equipment, and ongoing facility repairs.

For further information on resident placement and/or resident day programs, please contact Gail Metzger at (805)687-0788 ext. 117 or Melissa Bennett at ext. 118. If you are interested in being part of our Family & Friends Group and/or Advocacy Group, please call Angela Biancone at ext. 123.

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